If I were a slightly eviler person I would’ve loved to go around NYCC by acting like I didn’t know who a character was and saying they were a great “other character”.

*Man in Deathstroke outfit*.

Me: Fuck yeah, Deadpool!

*Woman dressed as Mother of Dragons*

You look lovely Queen Elsa.

While it won’t get nearly as much attention as my Razorsharp and Scandal Savage piece I also had one other New Bloods team up sketch done at NYCC. This one by Matthew Petz and Bobby Timony who drew Lionheart and Alpha Centurion respectively.

Both are international heroes or heroes who have an international origin.

Lionheart was a New Blood who didn’t actually have his metagene activated. Instead he was equipped by a shadowy group to protect British interests. He was given a suit of armor as well as a supposed energy replica of Excalibur.

Alpha Centurion was a human from Ancient Rome chosen by a group of aliens to become a great champion as he was deemed as Earth’s most powerful and intelligent person of the time. Trained by the them for years he emerged in the present as time ran differently on the alien ship than outside of it.

Both seemed to have similarities including a love of armor and energy weapons. I’d have loved to see the two meet up and fight alongside on a caper.

So…from what episode 3 has shown us.

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amethyst from steven universe is perfect


Scandal: Look kid. I know you think you’re ready for the big leagues. But it takes more than being a good hacker and a ragtag group of mifits to make it and survive in this w-

Did you just turn your hands into goddamn blades?

Razorsharp: Don’t worry. I’ve got things…in hand.

Just a concept I had drawn out at NYCC by awesome artist Valerio Schiti, may he draw for a very long awesome time. Rae and Scandal meeting and working together because of coinciding jobs would’ve been fun to see. But alas they technically lived in almost completely separate times. Razorsharp dying in Infinite Crisis while Scandal was introduced leading into it in Villains United I believe.

I don't know, i personally found Gwen's universe is really interesting, especially in the ways it's different from the 616. Like how Murdock is working for Kingpin here and Peter was the Lizard.

Yeah there’s definitely a lot of room to explore this universe I think. The Matt Murdock working for Kingpin bit was just a bit “Eh” to me since I remember seeing it at least in one universe in Exiles. Peter as Lizard WAS really fun but his death as part of her origin kinda left me cold, though him being her “Uncle Ben” was a bit of a nice twist but him dying felt like a wasted opportunity. I suppose he could always come back but that’d just be cheap too at this point.

Granted I didn’t hate the story. I just didn’t find it pulling me in very much as opposed to say Mayday/Spider-girl which pulled me in when I first read it. And I say this going into the issue really wanting to like Spider-woman/Gwen since her as a superhero is a fun idea.

I’ll be giving her series a shot, and I’m happy it’ll exist but so far I haven’t been really reeled in to the concept.


New Suicide Squad #3

I saw this but couldn’t find the right words. Keeping the tags cause yes

Oh Duela/this version of that character, what has DC one to you.

Harley beating her up amuses me.

Also I’m strangely amused at how Black Manta and Harley are interacting here. He seems to interact with her like someone he knows and trusts well.


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I’m going to have to contribute to this, aren’t I? A geek bar in NY would be amazing. I think/hope.

Spider-Gwen’s universe so far doesn’t really entice me. While I love the idea of Gwen as Spider-woman after reading the story I didn’t really feel very pulled in.

Though I’ll admit that at its heart it’s not a huge jump from Peter’s original story in that a death led to her donning her mask so it’s not a bad origin story.

Still I’m glad she’s getting a series. It’s not like Marvel is short on cool female superheroes.