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kat8therude said: I don’t think any explanation is ever given, but I think the next time he shows up is to save Jan from the microverse? Not positive though.

Hmmm. Yeah I heard of that. I assumed I missed an explanation somewhere but…maybe not? I wouldn’t be surprised if the story was ignored but…it seems like a damn shame to.

Plus I loved Anti-Venom being on the team. I freaking loved Anti-Venom.

I feel like I’ve asked this before but…how did Wonderman come back?

Before Uncanny Avengers the last thing I read with Wonderman was him and the Revengers teaming up and somewhat beating the Avengers before finally being stopped when Ironman contained Simon’s ionic form rendering the team defeated without their heavy hitter.

Simon then essentially stated that he hasn’t likely been a real person ever since Scarlet Witch used her powers to bring him back to life in essentially his origin story (IE he’s always been not real basically). And instead of it simply being implied he then at the end of the story faded into nothingness with the implication that everything he said was true and his realization of this allowed him to finally truly die and his body dispersed into nothing.

This has presumably been retconned since but..how?

Actually disappointed to be honest.

Korra’s ramped up and gotten even better this last season and now season 4 is the last one?


Look who showed up again in today’s Smallville: Continuity #5.

Written by Bryan Q Miller, pencils by Ig Guara, inks by JP Mayer/Julio Ferreira, colours by Carrie Strachan.

Hal: Aya? What are you doing teaming up with the fake news guy?


so steven can breathe in space???

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comicvine is SERIOUSLY the best wikia if ur looking for obscure appearances of your fave characters tho

It’s rather good. Though it has its hiccups.

So one big question to wonder now in Steven Universe is…

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Damnit. Blue people are one of my weaknesses.




For everyone I haven’t personally asked already, if you could build an Earth in the DC Multiverse from the ground up, who would be its heroes? Basically, who would you select to be its Justice League or JSA, and how would they be unique from their standard counterparts? (Black Superman, gay Batman, female Flash, villain turned hero, etc.)


See here: http://judedeluca.tumblr.com/tagged/multiversity

I’ve made a post before on this as well.


It’d basically be a world of less known versions of heroes. Triumph, Moon Maiden and Regal would be its Triumvirate instead of the Superman, Batman and Wonderwoman Trinity..

Other heroes might include the Green Lanterns Alex Dewitt and Jose Hernandez.